Dr. Grichine received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Archaeology from the University of Southern California in 2008.  She then received her Doctor of Optometry degree along with her Master's in Vision Science from the State University of New York College of Optometry in 2016.

Dr. Grichine was awarded the 2016 Chancellor's Award for outstanding academic and clinical skills, in addition to received the Dean Yager's Research Award for her research in head trauma rehabilitation and concussions.

Dr. Grichine has published several papers regarding the effects of mild traumatic brain injury and concussions on the visual system.  She has experience performing vision therapy in athletes and veterans who suffer from visual disturbances associated with head trauma.

Dr. Grichine's clinical rotations specialized in Pediatrics, Vision Therapy, Sports Vision Therapy, Contact Lens and Ocular Pathology.   Dr. Grichine received top-tier training and experience in medical optometry, and is certified to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions such as Dry Eye Syndrome, Computer Syndrome, and Glaucoma.  Dr. Grichine has experience prescribing soft, hard, and specialty contact lenses, orthokeratology.

In addition, Dr. Grichine specializes in pre/post examination of refractive surgeries such as LASIK, PRK, Corneal Crosslinking, and Corneal Inlay.

Dr. Grichine is also the Clinical Director for NVISION Laser Eye Centers in Downtown San Francisco.  To schedule a consult, see the LASIK tab on the tool bar above.